The History of Ruby Beach

đź“ŤRuby Beach, Florida - Established 1884
Construction on the Jacksonville and Atlantic Railroad started in 1883 to build sixteen and a half miles of railway from the south bank of the St. Johns River to the Ruby Beach Settlement. In 1884 William E. Scull, a surveyor for the railroad and his wife Eleanor, moved to the area now known as Jacksonville Beach. The family lived in one tent and ran the first general store out of another tent. In 1884, the Sculls applied for a post office, meaning the settlement now held a zip code and was officially acknowledged as a settlement. On August 22nd, Eleanor Scull was appointed postmaster, where she officially ran the post office under the name of Ruby Beach, in honor of their eldest daughter, Ruby.  
The Sculls built the first house of the Ruby Beach Settlement in 1884 on their tent site. Later being joined by General F. E. Spinner, Treasurer of the United States during the Civil War. His son-in-law and fellow stockholder, James Madison Schumacher, was a lawyer, banker and a partner in the Jacksonville and Atlantic Railroad. In June of 1874, he came to Jacksonville and organized the First National Bank of Florida. Spinner lived in tents with his daughters and ate with the Sculls until his own house was built near what is now The Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant. 
đź“ŤPablo Beach, Florida - 1886 to 1925.
đź“ŤJacksonville Beach, Florida - 1925 to Present Day.